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First aid

You should have a paediatric first aid certificate. Please let Chaz know if you do not have one. We will organise one for you. It will cost £25 and will be taken from your first pay cheque. ​



You are also responsible for making sure your first aid kit is fully stocked. If something is used then please make a note of what's used, let Chaz know and replace next time you are at the office. ​



You will receive a first aid kit. Please ensure it is fully stocked at all times.​

Your first aid kit should be stocked with the following:

3 x Ice Packs ​

Sterile disposable gloves

6 x Individually wrapped, sterile adhesive dressings of assorted sizes ​


Cleansing Wipes ​

An assortment of different sized plasters ​


2 x Triangular Bandages ​


2 x Safety Pins ​


Accident Report Form ​


Let us know when you need to replace anything you use

basic first aid

You are required to administer basic first aid during breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday camps.​



When you administer ANY first aid you MUST fill in an injury form at the setting AND on the staff portal AND inform the parents. ​



You must ensure parents sign the injury form to confirm they have been informed about the injury should the injury get worse hours later.​



To lower the risk of potential injuries, you should carry out a risk assessment prior to each session to ensure the area is safe for children to use. Click here to see how to carry out a risk assessment.​



Children should NOT continue to play with an injury that prevents full range of motion or a head injury which indicates the signs and symptoms of concussion. ​



This will be covered in further detail in module six.


You should have a safeguarding certificate. If you do not have one, please let Chaz know and we will organise one for you. This will cost £25 and will be taken from your first pay cheque. ​



It is your duty of care to ensure children are kept safe whilst in your care.​



If there is an incident which causes you concern, you must fill out a safeguarding cause for concern form at the setting and let the designated safeguarding officer at the setting know. You must also fill out a safeguarding form on our staff portal and let Chaz know.​



Chaz is the West London Safeguarding Lead. Please let her know should you be concerned about any child. ​



This will be covered in further detail in module five.

session reviews

It is your responsibility to let the senior team know of ANY issues within your sessions.​

This can be done via a session review on the coaches portal.​


You will be asked to complete at least three session reviews a week.​

You will see which sessions to review on your Agendrix notes.​


If ANYTHING happens during your session that you need to report (injuries, incidents) please ensure you fill out a session review ASAP. This will need to be done in addition to your other three session reviews so that we are aware of anything that has happened.​


Please include any positive feedback you receive into your sessions as well for example:​

Who won the certificate and why​

Any improvements the group has made ​

Staff members who go above and beyond when assisting your sessions

New games and activities that you are attempting to implement in your session

This also helps us maintain our fantastic relationship with the client and provide you with further feedback.

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