Module 2 

Section 2

Expectations & Standards

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Please arrive at all sessions 15 minutes prior to the session starting.​



This allows enough time for you to set up and sort out any issues that may stop the session going ahead, such as having to move inside if it is raining, risk assessing working area, and setting out equipment professionally.​



It is crucial that each client receives their full allocated time at their correct time slots as school and nursery schedules are very fixed as the children require a regular routine.​



This means that if you are late to your first session of the day there will likely be a knock on effect for the rest of the sessions that day resulting in a drop in session quality and value for money.​



If you are running late, please let Chaz, Anthony or Matt know ASAP we totally understand that these things happen and sometimes it can't be helped. Letting us know quickly allows us to then come up with a contingency plan should it be needed.​



If you are regularly late to sessions then sessions may be pulled from your schedule and you could receive a disciplinary report.​

You might be asked to call the setting to let them that you are running late too.​

Super Star Sport standards

You will be expected to maintain the highest standards at all times whilst in your uniform. 

Please do not be seen smoking or drinking when in your uniform.

Please ensure you drive adhering to speed limits when in your uniform.

Please be mindful of using your phone whilst driving.

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