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How To Present A Certificate

How do you win a certificate?

Good Listening

Good Sharing & Caring

Trying hard in all the coaches games

When presenting certificates you must :


Have High Energy

Congratulate the winner with a high 5 and clap from friends

Explain to other children that we get another chance to win a certificate next week.

Everyone who didn't win pat themselves on the back and say 'well done me'.

Island Set Up

How to explain your sports island?

Blue Cones = The Sea (which animals live in the sea?)

Yellow Cones = The Sand (what can you do at the beach?

Do we go outside of the island into the sea?

No because there may be scary sharks or crocodiles in the sea with us

No because we forgot to bring our swimming costumes to nursery

What if children continually try to leave the area?

Ask the children to freeze to prevent the others chasing those who have left the island

Ask the children to put their pointy fingers in the air and march around the island pointing to all the yellow and blue cones

Explain only children doing good listening can win the certificate

Ask staff member to support any children who are having difficulty


Post Warm Up Questions

These questions are asked after they have completed their warm up whilst doing some light stretching

How has exercise affected their breathing?

Are they getting hot or cold?

What happens to their bodies during exercise?

What happens to their heart during exercise?