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Pirates Treasure Chest

Pirates Treasure Chest is a game to get children used to collecting up cones and putting them inside treasure chests depending on the colour of the cone

Explain that each coloured cone is a different jewel eg:

RED = Ruby

GREEN = Emerald

WHITE = Diamond


Mark a treasure chest out in the island and this is where the children must place their jewels once collected. Working together can the children collect all the pirates treasure and put it back in his chest.

Progressions include:

Add different coloured treasure chests with the correct jewel only going in the same coloured chest

Race against the pirate (coach) who is trying to take away the treasure. Only treasure inside the chest is safe from the pirate

Difficulty Level

Hat Game

The hat game helps develop the children's balance and controlled movements as well as keeping their head up straight whilst moving around

Explain to the children that you have brought lots of different hats to nursery and they are scattered around the island 

The children will pretend they are in a castle and have to help the coach sort the hats out.

Yellow cone = King's crown = bow with hat on

Blue cone = Queen's tiara = courtesy with hat on

White cone = Chef's hat = sit down & cook something

Green cone = Jester's hat = jump sideways off each foot

Children must move around the hats without standing on them and the coach will shout out a character and the child must find the right hat to put on and copy the action. Once the hat is on the children must move around balancing the hat on their head until coach shouts 'Hat's Off'.

Progressions include:

Change around the characters and their actions

Let the child choose a character and do the correct action to a partner

Increase difficulty of balancing eg. stand on one foot, spin around, hands touching the floor and up high

Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level

Volcano Game

This game is designed to get the children moving in different directions and practising their jumping and landing safely

Get all the children into a train with a stack of orange and red cones and explain that they are magical volcano's. They are magical because they get hot when they are put on the floor. Explain that we don't touch hot things as they may burn us.

Set the children off in their train and place the volcano's around the island. 

The number one rule with the coaches volcano's are that we don't TOUCH them.


Instead of touching the volcano's we're going to practise jumping over them with both feet and bending knees when we land with arms in front for balance. 

Remember to cool down the volcano's using a magical spell and ask the children to check if they are now cold. Once we know they are cold the volcano's can all be collected.

Progressions include:

Practising hops over the volcano's

Sideways jumping

Sport specific jumps eg. football jump and pretend to head the ball, gymnastics do a star jump

Difficulty Level

Finding Nemo

This game is designed as a short filler game at the end of a session which requires the children to hunt around the island/ garden for our hidden orange cones

Explain to the children that you are friends with a little orange fish they might know called 'NEMO'. Explain that 'Nemo' is missing and you need the childern's help to find him. 

Encourage the children to shout 'Nemo' whilst hunting high and low for the hidden cones. Once a child has found one they must return it to the coach

Coach can help the children by telling them if they are  getting hotter or colder to one of the cones.

Progressions include:

Add blue 'Dory' cones into the game

Have a certain amount hidden and ask the children to count them up to see if you have found all of them

Difficulty Level


This game is designed to get the children to understand different colours and body parts as well as manipulating their bodies in different ways

Start with all the different cones spread around the island. The children start by walking around all the cones and are listening for a body part and a colour. The children must then put the correct body part on the correct coloured cone.

Progressions include:

Call out two body parts at a time eg. knees and elbows

Use points and patches instead of body parts

Difficulty Level

Safari Game

This game is designed to get the children to move around in different ways as well as understanding the different colours that correspond to different animals

Explain that you have brought lots of animals to nursery and they are all asleep because the cones (animals) are flipped upside down. Explain that we must wake up the animals one at a time so we must stay nice and quiet.

Each cone represents a different animal. They are spread around the island. Coach announces a type of animal, so kids start flipping the cones of the corresponding colour the normal way round. Whilst flipping the cones they must mimic the animal (e.g. frogs – jump about). Continue until all cones are flipped over. Collect all cones one colour at a time. 

Progressions Include

Introduce new animals with more complicated movements

Link animals to a habitat eg. jungle, forest, sea etc.

Difficulty Level

Dishes & Domes

This game is designed to get the children to work as a team to turn over all the cones as fast as they can. This is a filler game that can be played at the very end of a session

Explain to the children that they are going to try and turn over all the cones from domes to dishes or vice versa. The  children will be racing against the coach who will try and turn the cones the opposite way round. 

Progression include

Using a few children with bibs to be on the coaches team turning the cones the opposite way around

Place ball on top of the cones or place ball inside cone depending on which way they are flipping them

Use two cones to make either flying saucers or an egg timer

Difficulty Level

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