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Uniform & Equipment

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Super Star Sport Uniform

You will be provided with uniform. Please ensure you keep it clean and presentable. ​


Any uniform not returned at the end of employment will result in reimbursement of the company through your last pay check​


You may wear your own PLAIN BLACK shorts or joggers if you wish.​


Please do not add any accessories to your uniform such as bomber jackets/gilets, baseball caps (unless outside in the sun and plain black) and excessive jewellery. Two studs in an ear at the most. ​


Please keep all tattoos and facial piercings hidden whilst you are working.​

Please make sure you ALWAYS have a watch and whistle with you in sessions.

The GOod & the bad

Good Appearance

poor Appearance


You will be provided with all equipment you will need for your sessions. (You will be able to use some equipment in schools, we will let you know if this is the case).


PLEASE RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT IN THE SAME STATE YOU RECEIVE IT IN – If you borrow equipment from a schools PE cupboard, make sure when returning equipment that the cupboard is kept CLEAN and TIDY.​


If the schools PE cupboard is a mess and you are finding it difficult to find any equipment, do NOT add to the mess! Do your best to ensure that your area is tidy and then let us know so that we can pass it on and inform the PE lead at the school.​


YOU are responsible for your equipment, please take care of it and make sure it is safe for children to use by doing regular checks, looking for signs of wear and tear– cracked and broken cones etc.


Keep balls pumped up and clean.​


If you lose bits of equipment, please let us know so we can replace it for you. – we understand wear and tear happens and balls get lost, but we do not expect to be replacing 20 balls every week. 

certificates and medals

We award a certificate at the end of EVERY session. ​

Medals are awarded in most nursery sessions and are kept at the nursery. Each week the child leaves the medal at nursery for the next winner the following week. ​


It is very important when delivering certificates and medals that the coach uses high energy and makes the child feel special as this will encourage the other children to participate in future sessions​


Please click here to see how we deliver our certificates and medals at the end of a nursery session and a P.E lesson. ​


Please note the delivery of a certificate / medal will vary depending on the age of the children you are working with.​


It is your responsibility to maintain a stack of certificates more of which can be collected at our office.​


Medals remain in the nurseries and do not go home with the child, instead they are able to use it for the day/week and then it will be given to a different child the following week.

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