super star sport's expectations of their coaches

We have a high expectation of all our coaches. We expect all coaches to act in a professional manner when in their uniform.

We expect coaches to be:





Please do not be seen smoking or drinking in your uniform. 

If you smoke, please be mindful of where you smoke. You should not be seen smoking by our clients or children.

If you have any problems in your sessions, we expect our coaches to tell us first and do not expect to be hearing of any problems for the first time from clients. This is not only unprofessional, but also stops us defending you as we have not heard your side of the story.

We expect you to respect our company brand.

Do not share our resources with people outside of our franchise. This includes friends and family.​

You should not work for other coaching companies with a conflict of interest whilst working for us. ​

clients expectations of our coaches

Professional sports coaches who have a wealth of knowledge of the sports they are coaching and child development.​

Coaches who are punctual and reliable.

Coaches who are polite and respectful of the settings and the people they work with.

Coaches that are able to build a good rapport with staff and children in each of their settings.

Coaches who are fun and engaging and are able to keep children engaged for the duration of the session.

how you can expect to be treated

You will be treated with respect from all members of staff and settings. If you feel this isn’t happening, please do NOT take this into your own hands, make Chaz aware and we will speak with the individual or setting and sort out to ensure it doesn’t happen again.​

If you feel your are being treated unfairly by any Super Star Sport Staff, please let a member of the senior team know. We will do our best to resolve the situation.



We offer all our coaches the same opportunities. We try to promote from within, every coach will have a chance to interview for positions that come available should they wish.


Please note this doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed promotions, promotions are earnt and will be awarded to the most appropriate candidates.

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