Module 8 

Section 2

Parent and client interaction

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Phone calls to clients

At times, you may have to call some of your settings. The most likely case for this is if you are running late to a session and you need to make them aware. (If you are running late, you should let a member of the senior team know as soon as possible. They may ask you to call your setting.) Should you need to call your setting:​



Always be polite and introduce yourself. If it is a case of you being late, make sure you APOLOGISE! We can all appreciate that on the odd occasion something may happen that causes us to be late, if this does happen the best policy is to be honest and tell them and apologise and reiterate it wont happen again.​



If a setting asks you a questions and you are unsure on an answer tell them you are not sure but will find out and get back to them. Please do NOT make something up and make false promises such as free sessions on an extra 10 minutes as this may have a knock on effect for the rest of the day.​

Make sure you do get back to them – or pass this onto a member of the senior team.​



Speak clearly and professionally.

parent interaction

At times, you may need to speak to parents about their children. This could be at a Holiday camp or After School club and could be for either a positive or negative reason. Regardless, in either case:​



Do not speak to a parent in front of all the other parents.​



Pull parents aside or ask to speak to them once all children have been dismissed.​



The reason we wait to speak to parents individually is to avoid any embarrassment on both sides and to prevent a situation from escalating.​



When speaking to parents, do not accuse the child/parent of wrong doing, just state facts – backed up by evidence where possible.​



With any interaction with a parent, always consider how you approach the conversation ensuring that you are being respectful at all times. Our parents are our clients and keeping in regular communication with them is what inevitably helps us provide busy clubs and camps.​

age appropriate language

Please be considerate of your surroundings when you are speaking to people, this includes adults as well as children. ​



The language that we use when working with children will vary depending on the childrens ages. We will cover this in a different module.​



Please be mindful of the language you use with children as they will pick up what you say. This includes slang words, the children you work with will more often than not look up to you as a role model and so will imitate and copy what you say and do. Please make sure they copy the correct and appropriate language.​


Some schools do not let you raise your voice at the children.​



Please see school specific policies and procedures before you go into a school.

Remaining professional in difficult situations

Everyone is entitled to have a bad day, including yourself, staff members and managers. If this happens, the best thing to do is to try and take yourself out of the situation as quickly and calmly as possible.​

Do not get into an argument with clients/staff. If you are asked to do something by a client that you don’t like, rather than argue please comply and let us know. We can then follow up and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If there is an issue you are struggling to deal with on the spot, have the person contact Chaz, Ant or Matt. We can then advise the best way to deal with the issue.​

Do not promise clients something you cannot guarantee.​

Such as a free session or a refund, have them speak to Chaz, Ant or Matt.​

If you are driving to and from sessions, the most common cause for an altercation will be blocking someone in and causing an unnecessary issue for the manager. To avoid this, arrive at the setting early to find a good parking space, or alternatively when signing in make the staff aware where you have parked and double check it is ok before you begin your session.

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