If a disclosure is made

If a child chooses to make a disclosure to you, you should take the necessary steps to ensure you can help the child as much as possible.

You should write down word for word what the child says, making sure you do not paraphrase or ask leading questions such as "did your mum hit you?"

You need to stay calm and listen. Do not get angry at the child or the abuser. The child has chosen to confide in you and so you should not act shocked or disgusted at what the child might tell you.

Let the child go at their own pace. Do not rush the child while they are talking to you.

Reassure them that they have done nothing wrong and this is not their fault.

The child has chosen to confide in you, so be supportive and encourage them to keep talking until they choose to stop. You can use questions such as "what happened next?"

Be sure to gather all the essential facts. Do not assume and only use what the child has told you themselves.

Once the child has finished disclosing something to you, let the child know what will happen next.

Make sure you report what the child has told you as soon as possible to a safeguarding officer or safeguarding lead at the setting you are are at. You should also let Chaz know as soon as possible.

Did you know?

You should NEVER agree to keeping a secret!

protecting yourself

Although safeguarding children is in the best interests of the children in your care, you should also be mindful of protecting yourself. Some of the actions you can take to protect yourself include:

Acting quickly. Fill in relevant safeguarding forms and tell the relevant people as soon as possible.

Forms need to be filled out at the setting as well as on the coach's portal.

Do not make any assumptions.


Do not agree to keep any secrets.


This is confidential information, do not tell everyone.


You should only tell the safeguarding officer in the setting and follow their advice.


You should also tell Chaz. If you cannot get hold of Chaz speak to either Anthony or Matt.

If you feel that you still require further training and information on Safeguarding, please get in contact with Chaz and we can arrange additional training. Alternatively, if you visit here you will find any new and updated government policies regarding safeguarding children

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