Module 7 

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Scenario One

When you see a child leaving your area it is important to remind them of the safe working area and where they should be.


You should use your voice, your whistle or any other effective behavioral management technique to get the child’s attention.


This should normally be enough and most children will react to you and follow your simple instruction.


If they don’t acknowledge you or they do and simply choose to ignore you and leave the area anyway, your next decision is to bring your session to a stop and control the other 19 children in your session.


It is here where you should take up the best position you can that enables you to not only see your group of 19 children but also the direction and location that the other child may be going.


At this point, you should ask 2 sensible children to take your emergency response card and go inside the school building to find an adult to pass on the card and bring them outside.


Once a member of staff comes outside, you need to inform them of who the child is, what they are wearing and where you last saw them.


At this point the member of staff will go and retrieve the child and bring them back to your session. Once you have passed the information on, you should continue your session with the other group of children.


When the child is found and brought back to you, you should speak to the child and remind them and the group of the working area.


If the child decides to repeat the same behavior, speak to the staff member and discipline as you feel necessary, this may be time outs or speaking with parents at the end of the session.



You should also report this to your line manager, fill in an incident report form and also reference in your session review as if the child’s behavior continues and questions the safety of the club, we can look to speak to the child’s parents and remove them from the club.

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