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Scenario ten

With any head injury, stop the session immediately.

At camp, you should always be with at least one other member of staff. If not, you should seek help immediately and ask two responsible children to go and find it.


A head injury requires a close inspection as it is easy for a child to obtain a concussion.


The session should only resume once another member of staff is present.


The injured child and designated first aider should be at the side of the game, medical and allergy questions should be asked and constant communication is required with the child.



Apply an ice pack and assess the injury, fill out an accident report form and contact child’s parent.


Monitor the child regularly over the next few hours, if the child’s condition deteriorates call the parents again and ask to come and collect.

If you do believe a child may have suffered a concussion, remove them from the session completely to get some fresh air and take a bucket just in case. 



Once the parents have arrived to collect, they can decide the next action although it should be advised that they go to the hospital to double check. Give the parents the head injury leaflet so they know what they need to do should the injury get worse.


Make sure you get the incident report form signed by the parent and report in your session review so that we can follow up with the parents. 

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