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Scenario Three

It is important from the start of your session that you remind the children of the behavior expected.


If a child is constantly talking and you have asked them to stop and they continue you will repeat the behavioural techniques that you have tried.


If this doesn’t work and it begins interrupting your session, ask the child to sit out of the session for a small period of time. If they come back and continue, stop the session and speak with the child again and remind them they are on a warning.

If it continues, ask the child to sit out again for a longer period of time. If the behavior continued further I would ask for another member of staff to come outside and take the child in with them so that you can continue the session with your other children.


It is important to give a child a chance to redeem 'bad' behavior however the priority has to be the other children in the group that are behaving well. If you have had to sit a child and it has involved another member of staff you need to report this to the child's parent and let them know what has happened and how it was handled.


You should always report this to your line manager and report in your session review. If the child’s behavior continues to disrupt the club, we can look to speak to the child’s parents and remove them from the club.

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