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Scenario Two

If you are in an after school club and you see a child fall over, you should always check how they are. The majority of the time they are absolutely fine and get straight back up and continue however sometimes they may cause themselves a serious injury.



Quite often you will be able to tell when a child has seriously hurt themselves by their initial reaction, this is often screams and hysterics.



You will first need to calm the child down. 

You should stop the session, control the group and have all children move away from the injured child. You should send two sensible children with your emergency response card to get help.


You now need to assess the child’s injury and see where the break is and what movement they have. A child that has broken their arm will tend to hold it very tightly in a fixed position, it is this comfortable position that the child chooses that you put in a sling bandage.



Make sure you constantly talk to the child whilst in your care and reassure them that they will be fine.


You should always have your first aid kit with you and there are 2x triangular bandages and safety pins in there for you to use should you need to create a sling. Once you have bandaged your casualty and dealt with the first aid and come to a conclusion that you believe the child has broken their arm, you should ask a member of staff to call home to the parents and let them know what happened so that the child can be collected and taken to hospital.



You should always report this to your line manager as soon as you can, fill in an incident report form and also report in your session review. This then allows us to follow up with the school to check in with the child.

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