Module 3 

Section 3

Session Procedures

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Late procedure

You should arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the session starting (this may not be possible for back to back sessions).

As soon as you know your are running late, please let Chaz, Anthony or Matt know.

You might be asked to call your setting.

You must give the setting their full time if the setting allows it. (After school clubs MUST finish on time).

If you are late to your first session of the day, this will have a knock-on effect on the rest of your day so PLEASE make sure you arrive with plenty of time.

session specific policies and procedures

All of the schools we visit, have their own policies and procedures. These can be found on the coaches portal.

Please read the policies and procedures before you enter the school so you know what to expect.



If there are any policies or procedures that you are unsure of, please ask Chaz to clarify.

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