KS1 Behaviour Management

  • In key stage one, we can begin to sit children out for a few minutes if they are misbehaving.​

  • Do not punish a whole class for one child’s behaviour.​

  • Split children from their friends if they are misbehaving. If it your first time teaching a class or you are covering a lesson, always ask any supporting members of staff to help you with selecting pairs / groups. They will have a much better idea as to who works well together and who doesn’t. This is also a great way to get supporting staff involved and build rapport.​

  • When delivering your introduction to your class including learning objectives and certificates, also show them the designated area that you have coned out that is the ‘reflection zone’. This will then give you an opportunity to go through your behavioural expecatations of the lessons and also remind the children of what the consequences will be if they decide to misbehave and not follow your instructions.​

    When working within a school, always check and refer to the schools behavioural management policy (this can be found on the Coaches Online Portal). Each school will have its own way of dealing with behavioural management and as the children are exposed to this on a daily basis it tends to be the most effective as this is what they are most familiar with.

  • Clap a rhythm, children should clap it back and stop talking.​

  • Use a whistle to get their attention.​

  • Waiting in silence and making a point that the lesson will not continue until the children are listening​

  • Each class tends to have a favourite activity or game, if the class isn't listening properly then threatening to change / takeaway that game can also be effective​.

  • Some teachers and classes will introduce class rewards such as marbles. If this is the case, by stating at the beginning of the lesson that you are working towards getting one of these class rewards, should behaviour drop it can be a very strong tool to then use this class reward as a way to retain class behaviour.​

  • Avoid raising your voice

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